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Dear Valued Customers, Esteemed Staff, and Beloved Service Partners,

It is with profound sadness and gratitude that we announce the permanent closure of our cherished establishment, Yuzunohana. Since our humble beginning in 2008, and with the guiding light of our mother sushi restaurant, Japango, which opened its doors in 1999, we have embarked on an extraordinary journey. And now, as we reach the end of this chapter, we wish to express our eternal appreciation for the unwavering loyalty, support, and cherished memories that have graced our lives for 25 astounding years.

From the moment we opened our doors, our dream was to create a place where culinary craft met the warmth of human connection. And as a family business, Yuzunohana was more than just a restaurant; it was a sanctuary of hope, familiar comforts, stories to be shared, and a weaving of a beautiful community reconstructed together each passing day. We poured our hearts and souls into crafting an experience that transcended mere dining - we sought to create lasting connections. Over two decades, this dream was realized with you all.

However, the passage of time is an unwavering force, and circumstances beyond our control have led us to this difficult decision. As we turn the page on this chapter of our journey, we look back upon the era that has defined our existence with an overwhelming sense of emotion and humility.

Thank you to our dedicated staff and service partners, whose unwavering commitment and tireless efforts brought our vision to life day after day. And lastly, we express our sincerest thanks to each and every customer who graced our doors over the years. We are humbled to have been a part of your lives, witnessing your milestones, your firsts, your farewells, and creating memories that will forever reside in our minds. It was your enjoyment and sheer delight that brought our restaurant to life.

May life continue to bless you with extraordinary journeys, new beginnings, and unforgettable meals. Farewell, dear friends, and thank you for the remarkable memories we created together.

With all our love,
Karen and Bruce, The Yuzunohana Family June 28, 2023