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RESERVE NOW or Call 416.205.9808


please call after 10:30 AM from Monday through Friday
after 11:00 AM on Saturdays
after 4 PM on Sundays to speak with a receptionist
or leave a message on our voice mail at any given time


Any group of 6 or more people booked together will be given one bill for the table


Minimum of 8 or more
Minimum $35 charge will apply per person from Thu to Sat
Reservation is punctual (10 minutes grace period)


All group bookings must be pre-order from GROUP MENU
at least 24 hours in advance.
Yuzunohana recommends chef designed personal menus
for large private events (min $40 and up)

SMALL GROUPup to 18 people seated
LARGE GROUPup to 40 people seated